About Us

We are on a mission to enable financial freedom for our community

Thincredblu is a community-driven broker. Our vision is to provide cutting-edge technology-driven products and services to our clients, which assist them in extracting meaningful returns from markets.

Our major footprints

Time made us strong! It continues.

Became members of Multi Commodity Exchange (MCX).

We started our journey. This was point zero. We acquired the membership of MCX and were one of the first few members of the exchange.

December 2006

Touched 10,000cr turnover on MCX.

In a short period, we touched a landmark of crossing 10,000cr turnover on the commodity bourse.

February 2008

Moved to our new office HQ.

We began humble but were always ambitious. Our team was expanding, and we needed more space. So, we moved out to a more prominent place.

December 2009

Became members of the National Stock Exchange (NSE).

We realized that our clients wanted access to the stock markets. So, in 2012, we finally acquired the membership from National Stock Exchange.

October 2012

Became members of MCX - SX.

Our focus has always been to provide our clients with technology-driven solutions. Keeping this in mind, we took membership with MCX - SX.

January 2013

Touched 10,000cr + turnover in equities.

For the first time, we touched a turnover of over 10,000cr in equities, we knew we were on to something.

January 2014

Became members with the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE).

Some of our clients wanted access to stocks which weren’t listed on the NSE. We heard them and acquired the membership with BSE.

June 2015

Moved to our new HQ in the heart of the city.

Our team, like our ambition, was expanding and once again we realized we needed a bigger space, and we moved to our new HQ.

September 2015

Launched our first ever education initiative.

We were driven by our client’s requests to start an education programme, and never anticipated that we would end up training more than a thousand students since then.

April 2017

We became a depository participant (DP).

This is a critical landmark and one of those decisions which enabled us to service our clients better than ever.

March 2019

Launched our brand new, cutting-edge trading platform - SKY.

This by far has been the most satisfying and boldest initiative from us so far, and its adoption has exceeded our expectations.

April 2019

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We are a focused team striving each day to bring our community the best products & services which can help them succeed in markets.

Gaurav Udani

Founder & CEO

Jinesh Udani

Chief of Technology

Sandeep Kukreja

Co-Founder & Chief of Operations

Bhavna Udani

Chief of People & Community

Bipin Domy Thomas

Chief of Products

And a special shout-out to 30+ members of the Thincredblu family, who make it all possible