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Your path to becoming a consistently profitable trader

Who am I?

Howdy! I am Gaurav, and I am a full-time trader and entrepreneur. I have been trading profitably for the past 14 years with an annualized returns of over 40 %. I have made it my mission to enable the same for the vast community of traders out there.

I am also the CEO & Founder of Thincredblu securities.

Gaurav Udani

Do you need this course?

I have bundled and compiled all my learnings from over 15 years as a trader and developed this 9-week course, especially for my fellow traders. This is a free online course spread over 9 weeks.

Each week you receive a lesson right into your inbox, and by the end of it, I can guarantee to transform the way you trade and approach the markets.

Become a pro

Learn how professionals approach the markets.

5 Powerful trading strategies

Get access to 5 complete and profitable trading set-ups that have worked for me for the past 15 years.

Understand risk management

Learn how professionals manage their positions and handle risk - unique and time tested principles.

Transform your trading

Complete, holistic, and to the point - this course is guaranteed to transform your trading.

Top 10 takeaways of this course

01 Learn how professionals approach the markets.
02 Access to 5 powerful trading set-ups I use, which are time tested and profitable.
03 Develop a critical mindset and discipline to become consistently profitable.
04 Learn how professionals manage risk and size their positions.
05 Learn what not to do.
06 Learn the principles of profitable trading.
07 Learn how to think objectively in the markets.
08 Set your expectations right.
09 How to handle stress and emotions while trading?
10 How to think about trading as a business and make it a sustainable passive income?

What this course is not

It will not make you wealthy overnight. Trading requires patience, discipline, and consistency. If you are looking to become a millionaire immediately, this is definitely not going to work for you.
This course will demand a lot of work from your end. Contrary to what people think, the stock market is not an ATM machine, and you will need to put in the work to make money and be successful.

How this course transforms your trading?

Week 1: Preface and Overview

Here we discuss and give you a holistic understanding of what trading is all about and ground the foundations.

Week 2: Expectancy

Here we discuss and give you a holistic understanding of what trading is all about and ground the foundations.

Week 3: Trend-following Paradigm

It is an uncomplicated trend-following set-up, which gives us the perfect starting point to build on more advanced systems in the future.

Week 4: Fractal Pivots

We will introduce a slightly advanced set-up based on the concept of fractals popularised by Bill Williams.

Week 5: Risk Management

We dedicate this chapter to risk management and how to think about planning our trade positions.

Week 6: Trading with Indicators

We introduce slightly more advanced trading set up involving multiple indicators and tools.

Week 7: Objectifying Patterns

Here, we take a look at a dominant pattern break out strategy which has worked for me for a long time.

Week 8: Applying Technical Analysis to Long-term Investing

It is a bonus set-up meant for longer-term trading and basically an investing strategy to make long term investments.

See how this course has benefited our community

This course has completely transformed my trading. After years of making losses, I have finally begun to turn green. For all those considering this course, don’t skip the risk management week. It will change how you approach trading from the ground up.

Sandeep Sharma

This course has enabled me to build a decent passive income stream for myself and it has given me the confidence to allocate significant capital to my trading endeavour which has now changed from a hobby to serious business.

Rakesh Shah

Being a housewife, after spending money on countless courses I came across this and since then I have not needed anything else. I made a 15% return within the first month of using the strategies discussed in the course.

Moushmi Roy

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The contents of this course is a distilled things of what works in the markets and we had earlier priced it for Rs. 10,000, but then we thought why should education cost anything, and we decided to make it free.

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